Gamers can play as Māori in upcoming Civilization VI game

A preview video has been released for an upcoming game where players will be able to play as Māori seafarers under the command of Kupe.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, a strategy game, is the latest in the hugely-popular Civilization series, and is due for release on February 14.

Civilization V, the previous title, has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide.

Players choosing to play as Māori will have access to various culturally-inspired features, like building pā as fortifications on top of hills, marae to improve culture and a unique combat unit called a Toa.

Those Toa are able to perform a haka to weaken adjacent enemies.

Māori in Civilization VI also have an innate feature called Mana, which in this interpretation means a close affinity with the ocean.

In a teaser video released today, the narrator says "as the Maori, the world is your oyster - and you will thrive with its blessings".

Watch the full trailer here.

The previous game has sold more than eight million copies and is played worldwide.