Gambling grannies chase off intruders at Friday bingo

A group of Gisborne grannies who gather every Friday to play bingo had to up their game as they chased off a couple of intruders aiming to steal their bounty.

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The balaclava-clad intruders scarpered empty-handed from the Gisborne bingo hall. Source: Seven Sharp

The incident unfolded on Friday night as a group of about 30 women, the oldest of whom is 87, had to defend the $700 loot for the night after the appearance of two thieves in balaclavas.

While so many fierce battles have been fought at the Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club, Friday's housie game was one to remember.

Elaine Lamont told Seven Sharp the threat came "just as we were getting into it, probably three games into the night".

She said she saw a "couple of hooded-up wannabees standing at the door" - one heading over to the tables "to take our money for the night".

But she wasn't having any of it, with a scuffle unfolding.

"I'm pulling, he's pulling, I'm pulling back, he's pulling...he kind of got the money off the table in the containers and then tried his way through the aisles to get out," she explained.

But the grannies united, one got up and kicked a table at the thief, which Lamont says "knocked him over".

Elaine Lamont recounted the story to Seven Sharp. Source: Seven Sharp

Another followed suit and banged him with her handbag and pulled the money off him.

Lamont said the other intruder entered into the fray but was met with a group of grannies who threw chairs at him to "keep him out".

She said the game was only halted until the police and ambulance arrived, "as one old lady got a bleeding nose".

But the injured granny wasn't going anywhere and continued the game.

Lamont's message to the thieves is to "get a job and don't mess with your nan".

"Respect your elders," she said.