Furniture giant IKEA to look at opening in New Zealand

Ikea is looking at opening a store in New Zealand for the first time.


Ikea says it is intending to grant the Ingka Group the rights to open a store in New Zealand.

Ingka Group is a holding company that controls the majority of Ikea stores around the world, one of 11 companies to do so.

Ingka Group retail operations manager Tolga Öncü said, "We are happy to meet the wish from many people for IKEA to open in New Zealand and we aim to make IKEA fully accessible, including stores and ecommerce".

Inter IKEA Systems CEO Jon Abrahamsson Ring said, "Ingka Group has a lot of experience operating the IKEA business across the Asia Pacific and other markets and we are very excited to bring IKEA to New Zealand together with them".

"Together we’ll make IKEA a loved and meaningful brand for the people in New Zealand."

But Bodo Lang from the marketing department of Auckland University’s Business School told 1 NEWS much still needs to be detailed.

“From the press release I’ve seen, I’m not entirely clear if it’s a normal traditional rollout of mega stores that we’re going to see in New Zealand.

“I can’t quite see how we’re going to get mega stores in different cities, but if that’s what it is, it’ll make a big difference in those markets for sure,” Dr Lang said.

IKEA has reached 1.2 billion customers in more than 50 markets.

More information on the company's expansion will be made available by early next year.