A full year on ice ahead, as first flight of Antarctic research season touches down

The first flight of the Antarctic research season has just touched down at Scott Base .

The plane left Christchurch for Scott Base early Friday morning. Source: 1 NEWS

The aircraft left Christchurch early this morning, with some hardy travellers ready for a full year on the ice.

"It's really exciting, we've got all our new staff for the summer and for the next 13 months on board today.

"Really cool to have all these bright eyed and bushy tail folks on deck," Simon Trotter, the GM of Operations Antarctica NZ told 1 NEWS.

Science teams will follow the support crew, who left today, to the planet's coldest continent next month, where they will be researching everything from what killer whales eat, to the stability of the ice sheets.

For St Johns paramedic Alice Coombes the trip will be her first time to Antarctica.

"I'm scared I might kind of get off the plane, the ice will hit my nose, the hairs in my nose will freeze and I'll think, oh god what have I done!" Ms Coombes said.

One thing is for sure, the team will be assured of a white Christmas this year.