Full list: Baby names rejected by NZ officials in 2020

Once again royal baby names make up the bulk of names declined by New Zealand's Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages in their annual list.

A group of babies (file). Source:

The list of 44 names declined in 2020 was released today by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Roya Ltee, Royal, Royal-Blue, Royal-Reign, Royalty, Royalty-Rain, Royele-Blue, and Royell are among the names declined.

Registrar-General Jeff Montgomery explains that under New Zealand law parents are free to be creative when naming their baby, however they had to make sure the names don't cause offence, are a reasonable length and don't unjustifiably resemble an official title or rank.

"While there are no ‘banned’ names in New Zealand, there are certain boundaries in place," he said.

"There's no problem if you want to give your child a spelled-out number or even silly name, but remember your child has to live with it."

Rejected names 2020:

Bishop 1

Caius-Major 1

Commodore 1

Constable 1

Dukes 1

Justice 2

Justus 1

Kiing 1

King 3

Krown-Hayllar 1

Majesty-Faith 1

Major 2

Marley-King 1

Master 1

Messiah 2

Mistah 1

MyHonour 1

Nikita-Majesty 1

Padre 1

Prince 2

Princess 3

Prinz 1

Queen 1

Roya Ltee 1

Royal 2

Royal-Blue 1

Royal-Reign 1

Royalty 1

Royalty-Rain 1

Royele-Blue 1

Royell 1

Saint 1

Saint Cali 1

Sovereign 2