Full details: Government's huge 10-year, $28 billion Auckland transport package unveiled

The government has today revealed the 10-year future of Auckland's transport funding in a huge $28 billion package. Making the announcement from Auckland, Transport Minister Phil Twyford outlined the details of the Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP).

Billions ploughed into Auckland's transport system in a bid to end gridlock in NZ's biggest city. Source: 1 NEWS

This package will be an enhancement of National's 10-year transport plan which was budgeted at $26.9 billion in 2017.

Minister Twyford's new package has been announced at $28 billion. This morning it was reported that two unexpected new roads in Auckland's north and south to ease congestion are planned.

The Auckland fuel tax will be a crucial funder of the ATAP.

Charts included in the April 2018 ATAP announcement detailing projects, funding and funding sources. Source: Supplied


Live updates of the details as they came: 

12.37pm: Penlink will initially be two lanes, but may eventually turn into a four lane road, Twyford says.

12.37pm: The likely toll on Penlink road hasn't been determined yet, but it likely could be between $2-3, Twyford says.

12.36pm: "I got here in an electric car today," Mayor Goff says in response to a pointed question, but Phil Twyford arrived just "by car".

A map released as part of the ATAP 2018 announcement showing Auckland's potential future rapid transit network. Source: Supplied

12.34pm: Phil Goff says they will look at congestion pricing, in addition to the fuel tax, but that is still a couple of years off.

12.32pm: Mayor Goff says he hopes to double the use of public transport in Auckland over a short period of time.

12.30pm: You can view the entire Auckland Transport Alignment Project in PDF form by clicking here

12.28pm: the expansion of the rapid transit network will be extensive over the next 10-years, but will not stop by the end of the 10-years, Twyford says.

12.27pm: Twyford confirms it is now government policy to have a "congestion free network" in a rapid transit network that serves as the "trunk infrastructure" for Auckland's public transport.

12.26pm: Reaction from transport groups: 

Generation Zero welcomed the plan, saying it will "unlock Auckland".

Auckland Director Leroy Beckett said "by building new light rail, prioritising buses and further cycling network upgrades, this new transport budget will unlock Auckland.

"We’re supportive of the Government’s new transport plan and will be pushing for it to be delivered as soon as possible to provide relief and greater transport choices for Aucklanders.

"This plan signals Auckland is now on track to deal with the transport problems that have plagued the city."

Bike Auckland spokesperson Barb Cuthbert said her organisation is also happy with the ATAP, because it will increase the walking and cycling budget to $900m over ten years.

"The huge news is the government getting Skypath off the ground after years of Aucklanders crying out for that missing link across the harbour, which will be an iconic addition to our skyline and will become a must-do experience for visitors to the city," Ms Cuthbert said.

12.24pm: $900 million will be directed directly in safety improvements from the ATAP - with a forecast drop of 60 per cent in deaths over the next 10 years. This will focus on 10-12 of the most high risk intersections, 200km of the most high risk roads in Auckland and upgrading rail crossings.

12.22pm: "Lack of investment in the right things has seen the number of serious injuries and deaths in the last five years rise by 50 per cent, way beyond the growth in population in Auckland", Twyford says.

12.20pm: Auckland will receive 38 per cent of the expenditure under the national land transport program over the next 10 years, Twyford says.

12.17pm: Twyford says the $28 billion ATAP is "fully funded", and claims his government had inherited a $9.7 billion hole National had in the old 10-year transport plan, but the government has "filled it".

12.15pm: Phil Twyford says Auckland is loosing $1.3 billion in lost productivity in gird-lock.

Maps showing strategic road improvement and proposed rapid transit improvements released as part of the ATAP 2018 announcement. Source: Supplied

12:13pm: Mayor Goff has spoken of a new ferry terminal, new train line, and has significantly confirmed the SkyPath pedestrian bridge over Auckland Harbour Bridge will be going forward.

- Mr Twyford in his official release that the "much-needed investments" were made possible "by a $4.4 billion funding boost resulting from the Auckland fuel tax, increased revenue the National Land Transport Fund, and Crown Infrastructure Partners contributions".

"This plan is funded to deliver the projects we are committed to. The previous ATAP report, released by former Transport Minister Simon Bridges in August 2017, had a $5.9 billion funding gap.

"National had no plan to fix that fiscal hole, which would have meant the projects they promised couldn’t have been delivered.

"This $28 billion plan will help ease the awful congestion that has been caused by a decade of under-investment."

- Here are the Major investments in the ATAP include as outlined in the Labour press release:

• Committed projects like the City Rail Link and northern motorway improvements.
• Light rail
• Eastern busway (Panmure-Botany)
• Airport-Puhinui State highway upgrade, including a high quality public transport link to an upgraded Puhinui rail station
• Bus priority programme, to more rapidly grow Auckland’s bus lane network and support faster, more reliable and more efficient bus services
• Albany-Silverdale bus improvements
• Lower cost East West Link to address key freight issues in the area
• Papakura-Drury motorway widening
• First phase of the Mill Road corridor
• Penlink (tolled)
• Walking and cycling programme to expand the network and complete key connections (e.g. SkyPath)
• Significant programme of safety improvements
• New transport infrastructure to enable greenfield growth
• Network optimisation and technology programme to make the best use of our existing network
• Rail network improvements including electrification to Pukekohe, additional trains and other track upgrades

- Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and Transport Minister Phil Twyford had got to the stage. The ATAP package has been revealed to be $28 billion over 10-years, as opposed to $30 billion as speculated. Mayor Goff says one of the main things to be revealed today is how the Auckland fuel tax is spent.