Fuel shortage latest: Widespread flight cancellations continue




Flights in and out of Auckland Airport continue to be heavily impacted by the ruptured jet fuel line near Marsden Point, with Air New Zealand operating at 30 per cent of capacity and ticket sales restricted.

The Beehive has made a formal request for civil servants to defer non-essential travel.
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A jet fuel pipeline from the Marsden Point refinery ruptured near Ruakaka last week, leading to a drop in pressure and 70,000 litres of spilled fuel into a peat swamp.

Goff says those in charge of supplying fuel to Auckland need to do much better.
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This morning, a total of eight international departures and eleven domestic departures have been cancelled, with the same numbers also cancelled in terms of arrivals.

Air New Zealand yesterday announced it would restrict ticket sales and halt sales for some international services completely until the issue is fixed.

There are signs of trouble at the pump as one retailer cuts supply of high-grade petrol.
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The airline released a statement saying they expect up to 3000 customers will be affected by cancellations today and about 6000 inconvenienced by unexpected schedule changes.

Yesterday, Z Energy announced thirteen of their petrol stations in Auckland have run out of 95 petrol.

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