Fuel restrictions relaxed at Auckland Airport as fuel crisis eases




Fuel restrictions have been relaxed at Auckland Airport as airlines are now permitted to use 50 per cent of their normal jet fuel supplies.

That's according to leading infrastructure experts responding to the rupture of the jet fuel pipeline to Auckland.
Source: 1 NEWS

They had previously been restricted to operating on 30 per cent of normal supplies after a leak was last week discovered in the pipeline that carries jet fuel to the airport from Marsden Point refinery in Northland.

The damaged pipeline's temporary shutdown for repairs has led to more than 100 flights cancellations.

However, cancellations have been reducing in recent days with only seven flights expected to be abandoned today, down from 37 on Wednesday.

It also comes as repairs on the pipeline progress well, Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins says.

"The easing of rationing shows the industry's confidence in the progress of the repair, as Refining NZ reports the welding of the new section of pipeline has been completed and has passed its first testing."

She said repairs of the pipeline are expected to be completed well before school holidays.

Extra jet fuel is also expected to be shipped into Wynyard Wharf this weekend and then transported to the airport mid week following quality control tests.

Auckland Airport and some petrol stations have suffered from fuel shortages after the Northland leak.
Source: 1 NEWS

Air New Zealand says it expects to operate its regular schedule today with no fuel-related cancellations.

The airline says its domestic network has run largely as normal for the past two days and it cancelled just one return international service between Auckland and Houston yesterday.

Ms Collins said Auckland's supply of car fuel remains secure although "a small number of service stations in Auckland may be temporarily out of stock of 95 Octane today, as tankers prioritise delivery of 91 and diesel".

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