Fuel pipeline rupture from Marsden Point to Auckland caused by digger, inquiry finds

Refining NZ has been cleared of any wrongdoing following a Government inquiry into the ruptured fuel pipeline from Marsden Point to Auckland in 2017.

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The rupture, along a pipeline from Marsden Point to Auckland, caused massive disruption in 2017. Source: 1 NEWS

The incident caused massive disruption, cost millions of dollars and meant more than 100 flights had to be cancelled - stopping the supply of fuels into Auckland for 10 days.

The inquiry found the rupture was caused by a digger looking for swamp kauri.

Among its recommendations, the inquiry called for urgent investment to improve the resiliency on the fuel pipeline, which it described as vulnerable.

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The Government investigation will have the ability to compel oil companies to provide information. Source: 1 NEWS

It says the Government and the fuel industry must put together better plans to respond to any future incidents.

BP has said it is playing its part in ensuring Auckland's fuel resiliency.

In the response to the inquiry, BP said capacity is key in meeting resilience targets and it had already invested additional storage at the Wiri Oil Terminal.