Frustrated Wānaka locals take matters into their own hands as visitor numbers spike at Roy's Peak

The popularity of one of the country's most picturesque walks is frustrating locals who live nearby.

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Neighbours say not enough has been done to curb visitor numbers at one of New Zealand's most stunning walks. Source: 1 NEWS

While there have been attempts to cope with increased visitor numbers to Roy's Peak in Wānaka, neighbours say it's still not enough.

At just 10am, the carpark for Roy's Peak is packed. Vehicles spill into every space, including on the grass, while others flout the rules altogether and park on yellow lines.

"I'm parking here right now and I'm hoping there won't be a ticket on my windshield when I get back," one tourist admitted to 1 NEWS.

But while the tourist says it's "no problem", it is a problem for John Levy, who lives next door.

"When we first moved here in 2010, there would be half a dozen cars… and today there is about 83,000 people who walk this track a year," Mr Levy told 1 NEWS.

Another neighbouring farmer is opening up his paddock for parking - but at a cost, at $5 a vehicle.

And it's not just parking, limited toilets are causing issues too.

The number of visitors has increased rapidly after becoming a social media hotspot five years ago.

While car parking has increased to nearly 100 spaces in that time, the Department of Conservation says putting more in is not the answer.

"The more people will come, which doesn't solve the problem, and eventually you'll run out of space," a spokesperson told 1 NEWS.

It says Roy's Peak is very accessible for those who want to shuttle, bike or walk.

Mr Levy says it's not that locals are against tourism.

"The Government officials need to make tourism right in terms of an infrastructure basis."

Some locals are taking matters into their own hands with hand-painted 'no parking' signs, but they're left wondering where authorities will draw the lines.