Fruit, vegetable controls lifted in Auckland as no more fruit flies detected

The last biosecurity controls on the movement of fruit and vegetables in Auckland have been lifted in the North Shore suburb of Northcote with no more fruit flies detected for a month.

Biosecurity New Zealand is confident no breeding population of the flies exists.

The discovery of male Queensland fruit flies in Northcote and Devonport in February led to intensive trapping and the inspection of hundreds of kilos of fruit.

A different species of fruit fly was also detected in Otara in South Auckland.

Controls on the movement of fruit and vegetables have now been lifted in all three suburbs. 

"This is great news for New Zealand as a whole, and in particular the horticulture industry, which would have been severely impacted by the establishment of a fruit fly population in New Zealand," Biosecurity Minister Damien O'Connor said this afternoon. 

Mr O'Connor expressed his thanks to Biosecurity New Zealand, the horticulture industry and others working on the fruit fly response in Auckland, as well as residents in the affected suburbs.  

"We must continue to be diligent so there will still be an enhanced network of fruit fly traps in place for an extended period, however, this is a precautionary measure," he said.

A leaflet distributed to advise residents about fruit fly. Source: 1 NEWS

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