Frontline cop slams government promise to attend every burglary - 'the sums don't add up'




A frontline police officer has criticised the government's commitment to have every burglary responded to, saying it's just not possible because there isn't the staff available.

A frontline cop says a squad targeting organised crimes like burglaries means other jobs aren’t being attended.
Source: 1 NEWS

They say teams are being shuffled around in order to cover the workload, and other jobs aren't being attended as a result.

"Crime is up, police numbers are down, and the bosses are starting to make promises to the public that we can't keep if we don't increase our numbers," the anonymous column writer said.

They claim a police squad targeting organised crime has been shut down and is now focused on burglaries.

"We're robbing Peter to pay Paul and the sums don't add up."

Labour's police spokesperson Stuart Nash said the changes mean "the bad guys bringing in P" are getting a free ride.

Police Minister Judith Collins was dismissive of the article.

"One of the issues with anonymous letters is that without detail it's hard to answer them but I can certainly say the Police Commissioner takes burglaries very seriously," she said.

Crime statistics out yesterday showed the number of burglaries have gone down slightly month on month.

However, year on year they are on the rise.

The anonymous officer says turning up to all burglaries is near impossible, and the only solution is more cops on the beat. 

Mrs Collins has acknowledged police will need resources in the future and is speaking with the Prime Minister about this. 

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