Friends and family 'devastated' by death of three Kiwis killed in South Korea landslide

Friends and family members of the three New Zealanders killed in a landslide in South Korea on Monday say they are devastated.

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Anna Song, her mother and her son died when a landslide hit their guest house. Source: 1 NEWS

At least 14 people are dead and more are missing after days of downpours and wild weather in Gyeonggi Province.

Anna Song, her two-year-old son Taeyang Rikiti and mother Rose Kim died after the landslide hit their holiday home located north-east of the country's capital Seoul.

Ms Song's brother Sean told 1 NEWS the deaths of his sister, mother and nephew is "the biggest loss of his life".

Understandably in shock and disbelief, Mr Song said he isn't willing to speak more about the event. 

The Kiwi community in South Korea say they are shaken at Ms Song and her family's death.

Close friend Malcolm Luke originally from Rotorua, but lives in Seoul, says the news has hit hard. 

"We're all pretty devastated because we're a tight knit community over here," says Mr Luke. 

"It's a sad day ... you know she's a young woman with her life ahead of her and a young child. You know I've got a little boy as well I guess you automatically empathise and put yourself in those shoes."

A Gofundme page has been set up to get Ms Song's brother to Korea and to help pay for the funerals.