Free tech career trips to Wellington draw 48,000 applicants from around the world




A campaign to attract skilled tech workers to Wellington that promised a free trip to New Zealand has received more than 48,000 applications.

Wellington agencies will fly 100 people from all around the world to NZ to fill 100 jobs.
Source: Breakfast

LookSee Wellington offered international candidates free flights to New Zealand and job interviews with leading local tech companies.

The scheme, which offered 100 places, aimed to fill the shortage of experienced tech employees in the capital.

Applications closed last week with a total of 48,703 submissions.

The highest-submitting country was India, with 8000 applicants. This was followed by the United States with 7453 applicants.

Brazil, Poland and China put forth around 2000 applicants each.

Last month the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, which ran the campaign, admitted a security issue meant applicants' personal information was exposed to other users.

The information included names, addresses, contact details and document attachments submitted by other applicants.

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