Free food pantries popping up all over New Zealand after movement takes off

A community pantry in South Auckland offering people free food that's been donated has spurred the development of similar projects both here and abroad.

Locals are invited to give what they can and to take what they need from an outside pantry, or pātaka, at the first initiative started in Otara.

From here the movement has grown, with one of the founders, Mia King, saying she has received interest in the idea from around the globe.

"Some people are viewing it from South Africa who would love to start the movement there," Ms King told TVNZ1's Te Karere.

It has also inspired those closer to home to start their own.

Kerri-Anne saw the movement online, from there she was inspired to establish her own pātaka kai.

"Seeing the people outside grab kai and walk away with smiles on their faces watching the kids grab the fruit and walking away with a full belly from one apple or one orange you know," she said.

The movement is taking off, with a plethora of new community pantries opening all around the country.

For more information and a list of all the pātaka kai locations, visit

The pātaka kai movement started in South Auckland and has quickly picked up steam. Source: Te Karere