Free doctors' visits, eye tests for seniors still NZ First policy despite no roll out with SuperGold Card

Free doctors visits and eye tests for senior citizens is still NZ First policy despite both not included alongside a SuperGold Card discount package announced yesterday.

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The Minister for Seniors joined Breakfast to discuss the additions to yesterday’s announcement of a SuperGold app. Source: Breakfast

A newly-announced SuperGold app will allow seniors to access specials on their smart phone, but free doctors visits and eye tests are unavailable at this stage.

Appearing on TVNZ 1's Breakfast today about the SuperGold Card, Minister for Seniors Tracey Martin was asked about the doctors visits and eye tests.

"We've got one more Budget to go before we go into an election, so Budget cycles are what they are, so I would say it's a bit early to say we haven't kept our promise yet."

The Government has put forward $7.7 million over four years for its SuperGold app, with $900,000 going towards developing the app for roughly 750,000 seniors.

Ms Martin said the SuperGold app came about after the seniors she spoke to across the country expressed a desire for one.

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A mobile app, new website and digital literacy lessons are hopped to help our growing population of seniors stretch their dollar further. Source: 1 NEWS

"What we know is that at least 50 per cent of our seniors do have smart phones that will take the download," Ms Martin said, "So that when they go out, they can push the button, they can go 'what are the specials near me?'

Ms Martin went on to say: "It's been designed with seniors, so yes, we did have young people who did the technical work, but they had to sit with seniors," she said.

Ms Martin explained that anyone can download the app, adding that relatives could help those less tech-savy to download and use it.

Some of the businesses coming on board with the app include Qantas, Countdown and The Warehouse, as well as local and regional businesses, such as the local butcher, Ms Martin said.

"We're still pushing into those areas, but there's 10,000 outlets in New Zealand, right now, that are giving discounts to our seniors."