Foxton businesses fed up with 'poo' smell in town

A Foxton Hotel worker says there’s a smell in town that’s making her feel sick.

Work on the River Loop Reserve. Source: Horowhenua District Council

“It smells like diarrhoea, I can’t stand it,” Gail Werner told 1 NEWS.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Horowhenua District Council said composted soil containing organic material is being laid on the River Loop Reserve.

"Unfortunately, the soil is emitting an unpleasant odour, and several people have complained as a result," the spokesperson said.

Just down the road from Foxton Hotel, another worker at Gimbletts Pharmacy described the smell was “like poo.”

“We’ve had to shut the doors to stop the smell getting in, it’s been like that all week.” Lilly Baxter said.

Baxter also said the stench was “offensive.”

The spokesperson for Horowhenua District Council said they have made several changes to reduce the odour.

"We have brought forward our ability to irrigate the reserve with water, which will help reduce the odour," the spokesperson said.

Gail Werner and Lilly Baxter said customers have been complaining all week about the stench.