Four weeks a year in traffic - Auckland's congestion now beats Hong Kong's

Traffic woes for Kiwi drivers aren't going away, with new figures showing we have worse congestion than Australia, and that Auckland motorists face slower roads than Hong Kong.

The new study also reveals NZ's overall congestion was up by 43 per cent on 2008. Source: Breakfast

A report released today by TomTom has revealed New Zealand's congestion levels are up 43 per cent from 2008.

This translates to motorists spending longer on the roads, not just in Auckland but in Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

It is the cause of daily frustration for thousands of Kiwis, with Dunedin seeing the biggest rise in traffic congestion. Source: 1 NEWS

The results of the annual report show New Zealand has an overall congestion level of 29.83 per cent, sitting higher than Australia at 27.5 per cent.

Auckland retains the title for the city with the slowest roads, even beating the level of congestion in Hong Kong.

TomTom's research estimates Auckland motorists now spend four weeks or 172 hours a year in traffic, almost double the time estimated in 2014. 

It has also found Wellington experiences the worst morning congestion in the country, with drivers there spending a whopping 72 per cent extra time stuck in traffic during the early peak hours.

Those in the capital are spending an extra 166 hours in traffic over a year, the equivalent of 20 days.

Further south, Dunedin has seen the largest traffic congestion increase in the country.

Drivers in the Otago town are thought to be spending the equivalent of 10 days a year stuck on the road. 

Tauranga has been included in the study for the first time, with results showing the Bay of Plenty city is the least congested of the six New Zealand cities analysed. 

"We really want everybody to think about how they can lower the amount of time they waste in traffic every day - and to realise that we all need to play a part," said Phil Allen of TomTom.

"If even just five per cent of us changed our travel plans, we'd improve travel times on our major highways by up to thirty per cent," he said. 

TomTom, a Dutch company that produces traffic, navigation and mapping products, looked at the traffic congestion situation in almost 400 cities in 48 countries on six continents.

It has found congestion globally is up 23 per cent from 2008. 

Check out congestion measurements worldwide on the TomTom Traffic Index.