Four new Covid-19 cases at border, none in community

There are four new Covid-19 cases at New Zealand's border today, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

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Three of the four new cases are historical infections.

They include one person - a contact of a previously reported case - who arrived from South Africa via Qatar on June 26 and tested positive on day five in managed isolation, and two people who arrived from India via Qatar on July 3 and tested positive on arrival.

The final case today, an active case, arrived from the US on Monday. They tested positive on arrival in Auckland.

Meanwhile, there were no new cases in the community.

Five previously reported cases have now recovered, bringing the number of active cases in New Zealand is 42.

The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in New Zealand is 2434.

Today's update comes after 18 new cases were announced at the border yesterday.

Those cases were made up of five people in managed isolation and 13 additional crew members on board the quarantined fishing vessel Viking Bay, docked in Wellington. Those cases have since been moved to a managed isolation facility.

The Ministry of Health today said one more of the remaining five crew members became unwell last night, so out of caution they too were transferred to an on-shore quarantine facility in Wellington. They had previously tested negative for Covid-19, but further testing is underway.

It means there are now 16 crew at the on-shore quarantine facility.

Twelve of the crew with Covid-19 have been confirmed to have the Delta variant.

"The finding around the Delta variant is not unexpected. It reinforces the importance of the precautions taken in transferring crew to the quarantine facility in Wellington," the Ministry of Health said.

Meanwhile, another ship - the Spanish flagged ship Playa Zahara, which applied for permission for a change of crew at Port Taranaki but then reported crew becoming ill on board - have since said all but one person is no longer symptomatic.

"Testing of the ship’s crew members by health authorities has been conducted and the ship is now based offshore, awaiting results. Further public health measures will be decided based on those results," the Ministry said.

"The one crew member who remains symptomatic has returned an indeterminate result and will therefore remain under investigation.

"If the results show there is no evidence of Covid-19 on board, then the vessel will be granted pratique for a crew change."

The situation is considered low risk to public health.

Yesterday, 6945 tests for Covid-19 were processed in New Zealand, bringing the total number of tests since the pandemic began to 2.37 million.

"The daily testing data today includes the number of tests processed by Waikato Laboratory, as systems affected by the cyber attack are now restored," the Ministry said.

Further test results from Waikato are expected to be uploaded within the next few weeks.

The Covid Tracer app now has 2.89 million registered users.