Four of China's 'most wanted' residing in Auckland

The Chinese Government has released a list of fugitives most wanted for corruption, with Auckland said to be home to four of the top 22 individuals.

The Chinese Government has released a list of people most wanted for corruption. Source: 1 NEWS

China has been pursuing an extradition treaty with New Zealand, something the government hasn't ruled out.

Stephen Hoadley from Auckland University International Relations told 1 NEWS, "The Chinese are very blunt they are obviously using public pressure, they are bringing a little bit of pressure on to the NZ government saying look we know who they are, they're sitting in your country. We want them back in our country."

The Chinese Government has even released the streets the men supposedly live on. With one man living in central Auckland near One Tree Hill, and the others in the Eastern Suburbs.

Jiang Lee was ranked number two on the most wanted list and the others appearing at 5, ten and fifteen respectively.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Bill English told 1 NEWS he and China's Premier Li have agreed to continue discussing the matter and the government will be 'treading carefully'.

The Chinese Government is urging the fugitives to return to China, confess their crimes and seek a lenient punishment.