Former triathlete describes how the end of his career after shock diagnosis started a new journey of healing

Ben Logan was a professional triathlete who moved south to train in the mountains near Queenstown.

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Ben Logan is helping others find strength after his career was ended when he developed epilepsy. Source: Sunday

At the peak of his career, competing on the international circuit, he was unexpectedly struck down by a life-changing condition.

He was 26 years old when he developed epilepsy.

“I was in the garage cleaning, getting ready to go out in the car, and just woke up on the floor and thought I fainted or something,” he recalls.

It sparked the end of his career and after Logan had run his final race, he had to find himself and his purpose.

“I was lucky enough to work with some good psychologists and sport psychologists who teach you mindset strategies and how to sort of manipulate the mind for better results,” he says.

But moving to Wanaka to train proved to be part of the healing process for him as he farewelled his athletic career.

It was in the harsh alpine environment, he found strength, built resilience, and healed from his trauma.

Now, Logan helps others face their challenges in sometimes confronting ways.

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