Former Te Karere reporter's District Council seat win overturned by recount

Former Te Karere reporter and District Council candidate Hinerangi Goodman has lost her seat to a recount after narrowly winning it through a coin toss.

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Newly minted council member for Galatea-Murupara, Hinerangi Goodman, got 262 votes, exactly the same as her opposition, previous seat-holder Alison Silcock. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Goodman was contesting the Galatea-Murupara ward of the Whakatāne District Council, and had received 262 votes - the same number as incumbent Alison Silcock.

Under existing council processes, the outcome was then decided by the flip of a coin, which Ms Goodman won.

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Te Karere's long serving reporter Hinerangi Goodman has retired after 25 years with the show. Source: 1 NEWS

However, the NZ Herald reported that Ms Silcock had since requested a recount, the result of which showed that Ms Silcock had indeed won the election by a single vote.

Electoral Officer Dale Ofsoske told the Herald that the recount was carried out under scrutiny from representatives of both candidates during a "prescribed and transparent process".

Ms Silcock will now be sworn in at the council's November 7 meeting.