Former SFO boss calls for police to probe alleged plot

The former head of the Serious Fraud Office says he hopes police are considering investigating an alleged plot to discredit him.

Adam Feeley and Judith Collins Source: 1 NEWS

Emails released over the weekend from blogger Cameron Slater claim former Justice Minister Judith Collins was 'gunning for' Adam Feeley.

Ms Collins resigned from her position when the allegations came to light and is vowing to clear her name.

Further correspondence reveals Mark Hotchin, the director of failed finance company Hanover Finance, was allegedly using Carrick Graham to get right-wing bloggers, Cameron Slater and Cathy Odgers, who blogs as "Cactus Kate", to attack the SFO head during its investigation of Hanover.

Speaking to RadioLive today, Mr Feeley says he's confident the investigation into Hanover Finance wasn't compromised, and "he wants the truth to come out, if it hasn't already".

"What I can say in my entire time at SFO I never made a decision to investigate or not to investigate, or prosecute or not to prosecute based on whether it would be popular with the public, investors or the Government of the day.

"It would probably surprise me if someone who was worth many millions of dollars who was involved with the collapse of a company involving hundreds of millions of dollars wouldn't think about any opportunity to disrupt an investigation. We shouldn't be naive about these things, the stakes in white collar crime are immense"

Mr Feeley says he never felt any animosity from Ms Collins, and police should pursue the case if there is a suspicion of any criminal activity.