Former MP Hone Harawira defends travelling to 'essentially fabulous' Easter breakfast with sister

Former politician Hone Harawira, who set up a number of checkpoints around Northland to stop people breaking the lockdown rules, is defending his decision to drive over 300 kilometres from his home in Awanui to Auckland over Easter.

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The former Te Tai Tokerau MP drive over 300 kilometres from his home in Awanui to Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

The former Te Tai Tokerau MP posted a picture of himself on Facebook sitting around a table at his sister's house in west Auckland with another man eating breakfast.

"So .. we did the bliz to AKL and back today. How did the day go? Bacon and eggs as soon as we got to Auckland, roast pork, applesauce and potato salad as soon as we got home.. life ca be tough .. but not today [sic]," he captioned the picture.

Mr Harawira says he’s an essential worker eating an "essential breakfast" while travelling to Auckland to pick up some medical supplies, including PPE gear.

He said the supplies are too difficult to source in Northland and he was able to get them cheaper and easier in Auckland. During his Auckland visit he stopped by his sister's house for a "well-deserved feed".

"While I was down there I had an essentially good breakfast - not with my sister because she is a nurse. She sat inside while we were there. She cooked us a fabulous breakfast and put it out on the deck," he told 1 NEWS.

Mr Harawira has set up Tai Tokerau Border control, which is behind a number of road stops to try and prevent non-essential travel around the Far North and to protect vulnerable communities.