Former embassy official's lawyer accuses ex-cop of planting hidden camera in toilets

The lawyer for former Defence Attaché Alfred Keating has accused a business assistant and driver at the New Zealand Embassy in Washington, DC, of planting the hidden camera in the toilets.

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The trial of former top military man Alfred Keating continues in Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

Keating is on trial in the Auckland District Court, accused of attempting to make an intimate visual recording using a Brickhouse micro camera in the embassy unisex toilets.

Former British police officer Mike Waller, who Keating's lawyer suggested is the real culprit, has worked at the embassy for 15 years.

He installed a similar Brickhouse covert camera at the embassy in 2014 in an effort to catch a person stealing petty cash.

That camera was later locked in his drawer and produced to the police after another Brickhouse camera was discovered in the toilets three years later.

Mr Waller denies he had anything to do with the hidden camera in the toilets.

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Earlier today, the business manager for the Defence Force at the embassy told the court how a Brickhouse micro hidden camera was purchased in July 2014 in order to catch the person stealing petty cash from the office.

Talei Ruby told the court that, after two months, they failed to film anyone or catch anyone so the camera was put into a locked drawer.

A camera was discovered in the toilets in July 2017.

Ms Ruby told the court that when that camera was handed in to security, she instructed a staff member to check the locked drawer to see if the Brickhouse camera used earlier in the petty cash operation was still there. It was.

She said her records show no other hidden camera or micro memory cards have ever been purchased by the embassy other than for the petty cash incident in 2014.

When the other camera was detected in the toilet, she handed the embassy-bought camera to police for inspection.