Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig taking legal action over his poetry, court told

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has taken legal action against Taxpayers' Union founder Jordan Williams over an alleged breach of the copyright on one of his poems.

Craig is claiming $3000 in damages in another court, the High Court in Auckland heard today. Source: 1 NEWS

The action came to light this morning while Mr Williams was giving evidence at the High Court at Auckland.

He is giving evidence in a civil defamation case which he has filed against Mr Craig, which alleges that Craig lied about him at a press conference in 2015 and in a leaflet.

Mr Williams said Mr Craig has now claimed in another court that he is a poet in addition to being a politician and is seeking $3000 in damages for the unauthorised use of his work.

The alleged copyright breach occurred when Mr Williams took a picture of a poem sent to press secretary Rachel MacGregor and showed it to board members of the Conservative Party.

Mr Craig stood down from the party following Mr Williams' meeting with the board members.

In a slow staccato voice, Mr Williams read out parts of that poem to a jury, as well as these words:

"You're beautiful because you look unbelievable in your new dress

"You're beautiful because you're fiercely and wonderfully made.

"You're beautiful because your lips are wonderful to kiss."

Williams said he wanted to make it clear while he was under oath that he had made nothing up.

"None of the material I have just read to you is fabricated in anyway," he said.

"They are Mr Craig's own words. I certainly did not fake Mr Craig's handwriting.

"Mr Craig is wrong to allege that I have lied or fabricated that material - I have not."

Mr Williams also read out excerpts of prayers from Mr Craig to Ms MacGregor and dietary advice, and a message where Mr Craig wrote of Ms MacGregor: "he couldn't' get enough of her".

Craig is defending the case.