Former ballroom dancer swaps rhumba for rumble, aims for kickboxing title

A senior science technician by day and a kickboxer by night, you can call Kelly Broerse a Christian crime fighter.

The 28-year-old from Christchurch was a former ballroom dancer before finding her feet in the world of kickboxing.

"Dancing and the skills I gained from there definitely helped me in the kickboxing ring when it comes to technique," said Broerse.

The featherweight fighter now based in Auckland, has linked up with former kickboxing champion Aaron Boyes at the Strike Force gym in West Auckland.

"An important part of fighting is being an intellectual fighter and knowing what to do, not just charging in all the time," said kickboxing trainer Boyes.

Broerse said she feels various emotions once inside the ring.

"You go from being absolutely scared s***less at one end to elation when your hand is raised, it's just crazy there is nothing quite like it," said Broerse.

Nicknamed 'The Warrior Princess' - she is on the otherwise all male King of the Ring promotion tonight in Auckland. She qualified through the Lethal Ladies event five months ago.

Broerse will be looking to outclass older Aussie rival Lara Ahola and clinch another title to push her overseas ambitions.

Auckland’s Kelly Broerse, 28, will be challenging for the South Pacific women’s kickboxing belt. Source: 1 NEWS