Forget Instagram, Tauranga doctor uses explosive form of photography

Millions of photos grace social media in today's world, but how many of those photos hold someone's attention for more than a few seconds, and will be there centuries from now?

In the Tauranga suburb of Papamoa, in a little red caravan, medical doctor Paul Alsop is using science to produce a primitive form of photography.

Wet plate photography is one of the oldest types of photography in the world. Famous images of Billy the Kid, and Abraham Lincoln were immortalised using the wet plate process.

The theory requires adding a soluble iodide to a solution of collodion and coating a glass plate with the formula.

"It's gun cotton, and ether, so it's highly explosive," Mr Alsop told Seven Sharp.

"I really like to photograph people with the lines of laugh, it's the stuff that people hate but I really enjoy that."

In the age of filters, Photoshop, and Instagram, Mr Alsop wanted to create something that lasts.

"Everyone's swipe, swipe, swiping all the time so to have this image appear in front of you and it's one of a kind it's a beautiful thing really."

Paul Alsop works away in his darkroom, using one of the oldest forms of photography in the world. Source: Seven Sharp