'Forever grateful' victims of New Lynn terrorist attack speak out

Victims injured in the New Lynn, Countdown terrorist attack say they are ‘forever grateful’ to those who came to their aid on the day, and those who continue to support them.

Countdown sign at LynnMall, West Auckland Source: 1 NEWS

It's been almost two weeks since the attack at the Auckland supermarket. Five victims are now recovering at home, while three remain in Auckland Hospital in a stable condition.

Police on Tuesday afternoon released statements from victims, and family members of the victims giving thanks to those who helped. 

Susan Maddren is one of the victims recovering at home.

“Your bravery and courage is commendable. A special mention to the lady outside Countdown who tried to stop the bleeding from my hip and to the bus driver who kindly allowed me to enter her bus, where I felt safe and supported until the ambulance arrived.

“I would like to thank the ambulance staff and all the doctors and nurses at Auckland hospital for the wonderful care I received... I know this is who we are as a country and what we do best, and I will be forever grateful to you all.”

Another statement was released by the brother of a victim who remains at Auckland Hospital, and had been placed in an induced coma.

“On the day of the attack, I was informed of what had happened to my brother so I went to the hospital and was told that he was in surgery and would be placed in an induced coma for possibly 48 hours.

“Over the next few days my brother improved with astounding speed and it was so pleasing to see the improvements in him each day leading to him being able to walk around with assistance only four days after his ordeal. “

Could the New Lynn terrorist attack have been prevented?

He said his brother had a “small setback with his breathing” but he had since started improving.

“I would like to thank the people at the scene in Lynn Mall who stepped up and possibly saved lives with their quick responses.”

The family of another victim still recovering in Auckland Hospital commended the bravery of those involved.

“We acknowledge and commend your bravery and would like you to know and understand that your actions have been the difference between life or death, for our loved one in particular.

“We will be forever grateful.”

Two other victims recovering at home also shared their gratitude for those who have helped them in the days following the attack.

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Monica Seve has been left shaken after the attack. Source: 1 NEWS

“I’d like to personally thank Countdown staff, police, ambulance staff, paramedics, hospital nurses, doctors, admin staff, radiologists, surgeons, anaesthetists and Victim Support,” one victim said.

“This was a horrific experience and I’m incredibly grateful to God for saving my, and the other survivors’ lives.”

The man who bravely stepped in to stop the attacker 

Police have also praised Rodney Khan, a man who was tackled by the terrorist while trying to stop him from attacking a woman.

“He was not injured but was tackled by the offender when he bravely intervened in an attempt to stop the terrorist attacking a woman,” police said.

“He applied first aid to that victim before leaving to find his partner and get to safety.”

Rodney Khan. Source: Sunday

Khan told TVNZ Sunday he had to step in.

“I couldn’t run away from that. I had to go and do something because that’s someone’s mother, someone’s grandmother. I just couldn’t bear it.”

“I yelled out at him, which made him stop stabbing the lady. He turned around and looked at me and that’s when I threw the two cans which I had in my hand.

Which is when Khan became a target.

“I yelled out at him, which made him stop stabbing the lady. He turned around and looked at me and that’s when I threw the two cans which I had in my hand,” he said.

Khan dislocated his shoulder but managed to escape.