Foreign Minister Winston Peters takes cheeky dig at Gerry Brownlee after taking his job, but National MP bites back with brilliant retort

Foreign Minister Winston Peters and National MP Gerry Brownlee had the House in stitches during a hilarious exchange during question time in Parliament where Mr Peters took a sly dig at the man he replaced. 

Mr Brownlee asked a straightforward question which he appeared to regret after Mr Peters' witty response.

"What reports has he received on New Zealand's relationship with important allies?" Mr Brownlee asked.

The end of the Deputy PM's response then had the House laughing out loud.

"A number of reports on New Zealand's relationship with allies have been received, these reports cover successful meetings with leaders at international summits such as APEC.

"And indeed some of these reports reflect on their delight at the appointment of a new foreign minister," he said with a wry smile.

The former foreign minister, Mr Brownlee, wasn't to be outdone though, getting an even bigger laugh with his retort.

"Oh, I should have asked if you had read the reports."

The exchange provided a light-hearted change of tone from the usually fractious events of Parliamentary question time.