Food prices spike in 2017 - but avocados and tomatoes will get cheaper soon




Food prices in 2017 have been high due to inclement weather - but favourites like tomatoes and avocados should get cheaper soon.

Matt Haigh of Statistics NZ says food prices have been high this year due to poor weather making production difficult.
Source: Breakfast

Matt Haigh of Statistics New Zealand, speaking this morning to TVNZ 1's Breakfast programme, said items like kumara - up over $8 per kilo on average - were pricey because weather events like the cyclone earlier this year had made production difficult.

He also said dairy items like butter, which is up over $5 per block, are becoming more expensive due to global demand.

"High prices do benefit our farmers, but we do end up paying more for it on supermarket shelves ourselves," Mr Haigh said.

Food prices had suffered a "spike" in 2017, with much of those prices increasing due to poor weather.

"Food prices have been relatively low relative to the rest of CPI inflation for the previous five years," Mr Haigh said.

"A lot of it is weather related."

He said a few favourites should start getting cheaper soon - like tomatoes and avocados - and encouraged people to eat in season.

"For people shopping in season, it's all about salads now," Mr Haigh said.

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