Watch: Protesters shout down Don Brash as he tries to speak at Auckland University free speech debate - 'Don Brash represents hate'

A group of protesters attempted to stop Dr Don Brash from speaking at an Auckland University-hosted free speech debate tonight.

Dr Brash was about to start his first speech on how PC culture is damaging free speech in New Zealand when a woman with a megaphone began yelling at him, surrounded by supporters holding flags and banners.

"We stand against racism, Don Brash represents hate," she said as some people booed her from the other side of the auditorium.

Dr Brash then managed to speak as the cacophony died down.

"They don't want to debate the issues they just want to shout us down, PC culture shuts down free speech," Dr Brash said.

Hate speech is not free speech the protesters shouted back, once again interrupting proceedings as they also yelled "Don Brash go home."

Dr Brash supporters then chanted his name until he was allowed to speak.


Brash said their actions just helped to prove his case. Source: 1 NEWS


Delight as 184 juvenile kaki birds released in Mackenzie Basin

A record breaking release of one of New Zealand's most threatened native birds, the kaki or black stilt, took place in the South Island's Mackenzie Basin today.

In total, 184 juvenile birds, which have been carefully and expertly reared in captive breeding programmes, returned to the wild this week, where their eggs were originally laid.

The species got down to just 23 birds in the 1980s, now there are 132 adults in the wild.

"It has been a struggle of quite a few years with low numbers, but now we feel numbers are increasing and we're turning a corner," Senior DOC Ranger Dean Nelson says.

It's hoped 50 per cent of the little red legged birds will survive.

The black stilts were carefully and expertly reared in captive breeding programmes, and this week were returned to the wild. Source: 1 NEWS