Fly Buys customers 'gutted' at iPad botch-up

Poor form, poor professionalism, and poor PR.

Human error led to a massive price reduction which some lucky customers pounced on. Source: 1 NEWS

That's how one disgruntled customer is describing a Fly Buys botch-up which saw iPads listed for sale on the website for just one point.

About 600 members had taken up the deal, with 23 iPads collected, but the website has cancelled the redemptions and has corrected the "genuine mistake".

The company is also seeking to reclaim the iPads that were handed over.

The devices usually sell for as much as 7,000 points.

Lucas Baker of Tauranga is angry with the blunder, telling ONE News he now has to explain to his six-year-old that they can no longer keep the new iPad.

His sister-in-law Claire Joseph also tried to claim an iPad but was rejected at Noel Leeming.

"We were really gutted, we were really excited [to get the iPad]. When the lady said we couldn't, we were really disappointed," Ms Joseph says.

"I think that they should have honoured [the deal] or at least rung as personally."

Fly Buys says it will "appeal to [their customers'] good nature" to retrieve the 17 iPads that have already been collected.