Flood victim Friday the cow home after swimming at least 20km to a Hauraki Gulf island




A cow is back on home turf after being washed out to sea and swimming at least 20 kilometres to an island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf during floods.

The cow was swept away from her farm at Orere Point during the March flood and was ferried home on a barge.
Source: Fairfax

The cow, named Friday, was washed away from a farm at Orere Point during the storm that swept the North Island last month, Fairfax reports.

Men who work at a quarry on the deserted Karamuramu Island were shocked to find cow prints on the shoreline, but they said she became part of the furniture and waited for her breakfast of hay each morning.

She was coaxed onto a barge and ferried back to dry land a week later.

Locals first thought Friday had come from a paddock near the Wairoa River in the southeast Auckland suburb of Clevedon, a six-kilometre swim to the island.

But when Ministry for Primary Industries workers scanned her ear tag, they found she had come from a farm in Orere Point meaning she had actually swum at least 20km.

Her swim took her through farms, past a Top 10 holiday park, down a little waterfall, under a wharf, across the face of Tapapakanga Regional Park and on to Karamuramu Island, Fairfax noted.

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