Flea breakout prompts fumigation at Middlemore Hospital's surgical ward

Fumigation specialists have been called in to get rid of fleas at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland.

Counties Manukau District Health Board spokesman Mere Martin told 1 NEWS that there was an issue in a breakout room used by registrars on a surgical ward.

She said the area has since been cleaned and treated by a fumigation company and all linen replaced.

“Fleas can be a problem in hospital settings, especially at this time of year with hot and humid conditions,” Ms Martin said.

“With the movement of patients, staff and families in and out of the hospital, fleas can be brought in from outside on clothing, blankets
and people’s bags. Fleas then settle into areas such as carpet and in stored linen and clothing.”

Counties Manukau DHB regularly has fumigation specialists at the hospital placing flea traps and treating areas where fleas or larvae have
been identified.