A five-week job interview? It's lengthy but has already resulted in jobs for more than 50 beneficiaries


More than 50 beneficiaries are back in work thanks to a hospitality company that's offering free training and an unconventional, lengthy approach to job interviews. 

Wellington Hospitality Group's five week course has seen 100 beneficiaries enrol, most complete the course and 70 per cent hired.
Source: 1 NEWS

The five week hands on training, which doesn't include any tests, is funded by the government and run by Wellington Hospitality Group which owns 18 venues across the city. 

In the 12 months the course has been running, 100 beneficiaries have been enrolled and 70 per cent have got jobs at the end. 

Harry Brooke White is one of those people who completed the course and he's now found his home behind the bar. 

This time last year, he was receiving a benefit and felt a bit lost while dabbling in part time security work. 

"It wasn't fulfilling in any way, I just couldn't jump forward," Mr White told 1 NEWS.

Eight months after starting, Harry has become a qualified Duty Manager and is helping mentor. 

"When I actually started working here, it was like I actually woke up everyday early just to enjoy my job which was actually fun for the first time."

Insook McDonald from the Ministry of Social Development said industry partners are looking for experience in hospitality environments and not just qualifications. 

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