Five new Covid-19 cases at border, none in community

There are five new Covid-19 cases at the border today, the Ministry of Health says.

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Two of today's new cases arrived from the United Arab Emirates on July 14. They were both contacts of a previously reported case and tested positive on day 13 in Auckland. The pair travelled together.

Another new case today arrived from the UK on July 23. They tested positive on day three in Auckland.

One new case arrived from Fiji on July 24 and tested positive on day three in Auckland.

The final new case today, whose travel history is yet to be determined, tested positive on day three in Auckland.

Meanwhile, there are no new community Covid-19 cases in New Zealand today.

Two previously reported historical cases, associated with the Playa Zahara fishing vessel, have now been reclassified as not a case as neither met the current Covid-19 case definition.

As a result, the Ministry of Health said they had been removed from New Zealand’s total case count and historical case tally.

These changes bring the number of active Covid-19 cases in New Zealand to 46, adding to a total of 2511 since the pandemic began.

Meanwhile, there has been no new traces of Covid-19 picked up in Taranaki’s wastewater. Testing has been continuous since a detection last week.

However, the ministry is still urging some people be tested as a result.

“Thank you to everyone who has so far taken a test and we continue to encourage anyone in Taranaki with symptoms to be tested. We are also recommending that any anyone who has recently been in Australia who is now in Taranaki to get tested even if they don’t have symptoms.”

In an update today, the ministry said a Covid-positive person who was aboard the Mattina ship quarantined in Bluff but was yesterday transferred to Southland Hospital was in a stable condition.

“The transfer was done in a carefully planned and co-ordinated way, using all appropriate Infection, Prevention and Control protocols, working with St John Ambulance and other hospital staff, under the guidance of Southern DHB Medical Officers of Health.”

The ship remains in quarantine and inaccessible by the public.

There are no significant updates for the Play Zahara ship in Lyttelton or the Viking Bay ship in Wellington.

Yesterday, 6486 tests were processed in New Zealand.

As well, 5022 tests processed in Waikato between 17 May and 10 June have been entered into the system after a cycler attack meant they couldn’t be entered in the database.

The total number of tests processed since the pandemic began is 2.46 million.

The NZ Covid Tracer app now has 2.9 registered users.