Fishing industry hits back at fuming Greenpeace over new monitor contract

The fishing industry has hit back at criticism from Greenpeace over the awarding of an onboard monitoring contract.

Trident Systems has been contracted to do the job, a company partnered with key fishing industry players.

Commercial fishing practices are under scrutiny, with on-board monitoring squarely in the sights of critics. Source: 1 NEWS

Greenpeace says it points to a conflict of interest at a time our commercial practices are under the international spotlight.

Executive director Russel Norman is calling the situation a "classic case of the fox guarding the henhouse".

"You need an independent to monitor, you can't have the industry itself controlling the monitor," Mr Norman says. 

But the fishing industry says it's time Greenpeace got on board and that monitoring is the way forward. 

The Ministry of Primary Industries has access to the data gathered by Trident, which it says goes through a defined peer review process to ensure the integrity of the information it collects.

Data from new tamper proof cameras are downloaded and fully analysed when vessels return to port.