For first time in 19 years, $17m replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour will return to NZ

It's been 250 years since Captain James Cook landed in New Zealand and now celebrations are being prepared.

A replica of his Endeavour is on its way here but, given the sensitivities over Cook's history, his voyage won't be the only one marked.

In 1769 it was the first European vessel to reach New Zealand in 127 years.

The replica, with a 52-strong crew, is being loaded up with supplies for a trip to Indonesia.

The crew are working and living just like Cook's men did.

"The primary form of navigation on this ship is a paper chart just like the old days," one crew member said.

But concessions have been made for the 21st century.

There are engines, modern navigation equipment and the coal range is no longer used. Instead, there's a modern kitchen.

The replica ship first took to the water in 1993.

It took six years to build at a cost of more than $17 million.

The last time the new Endeavour was in New Zealand was 19 years ago. It will return to New Zealand waters in October and stay for three months.

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But given the sensitivities over the famous explorer’s history, his voyage won’t be the only one celebrated. Source: 1 NEWS