Firearms collection events set for this weekend in Wellington, Ohope and Maraekakaho

Wellington is set for its first firearms collection event to be held on Saturday and Sunday at Trentham Racecourse in Upper Hutt. 

It was the first of three buyback events announced today out of the over 200 that are in the works. It follows Christchurch's successful gun buyback event - the nation's first - last weekend. 

The other two events will be held in Ohope at the Ohope Hall from Friday till Sunday and in Maraekakaho at the Maraekakaho Hall on Saturday.

More than 220 firearms and over 200 parts and accessories were collected at Riccarton Racecourse last weekend. Police said they paid more than $430,000 to over 200 gun owners during the two-day event.

Police Minister Stuart Nash said the results from the first collection were very encouraging.

"Many of those who handed over firearms commented how easy the process is, how the prices are fair, and how police made the whole event go smoothly," Mr Nash said in a statement.

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They’re slamming the process, saying it’s unfair, confusing and a violation of their rights. Source: 1 NEWS

New legislation passed in April banned military-style semi-automatic weapons in light of the Christchurch mosque attacks in March.

The Government has set aside more than $200 million to buy back weapons such as AR-15 style rifles. Under an amnesty period, gun owners have until December to turn over their now-banned weapons.

Police say that with an estimated 1.2 million firearms in the community, the vast majority of guns are still legal under the new rules but at least 14,000 guns around the country are registered military-style semi-automatic rifles.

For this weekend's event, police say that "to speed up the process at events, owners need to complete the online form on the police website prior to coming to the event – including listing each firearm and/or each individual part they are bringing along”.

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The PM has announced a crack-down on firearms in wake of the Christchurch massacres. Source: 1 NEWS

Those with more than 10 firearms, or firearms that can be modified to make it non-prohibited are advised to not come to the collection event but instead complete the online notification form.

Wellington's event will run from 10am to 3pm each day. Ohope's event event will run between 9am and 1pm each day, while Maraekakaho's event will start at 10.30am and continue through until 1.30pm. 

For more information, visit the New Zealand Police website.

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Almost 170 people turned out to hand in their illegal firearms in Christchurch. Source: 1 NEWS