Fire restrictions to be imposed for all of Auckland from Monday

Auckland is about to have restrictions set for the region as Fire and Emergency New Zealand announce a total fire ban for all the islands of the Hauraki Gulf and limits for those living in greater Auckland. 

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The fire risk is already growing in Canterbury, Otago and parts of the North Island. Source: Seven Sharp

From Monday December 2 those living in Auckland will need permits in order to light fires. Across the Hauraki Gulf all fires will be prohibited. 

That means any current fire permits for the Hauraki Gulf will be suspended as of Monday. 

Auckland Principal Rural Fire Officer Thomas Harre says at this time of year a fire can start from the smallest spark, especially in rural and semi-rural areas.

"Even if you meet the conditions for a permit or have one, we don’t want people lighting fires unless there’s little or no wind forecast. It is really important to check the weather conditions if you’re planning on lighting a fire."

Fire and Emergency is also encouraging residents to create safety zones for their homes. They can do this by keeping their lawns mowed, cleaning their gutters and removing leaves and twigs.

Homeowners can reduce risk by removing anything that could burn like mulch, and other potentially dried vegetation off their properties.

If you need to light an open-air fire in greater Auckland, go to to see what types of fires you can light in your area.