Finding enough staff to administer the Covid-19 jab could be a challenge in NZ

With the covid-19 vaccine roll-out just months away, the pressure's on to find staff to administer the jab.

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New Zealand has around 12,000 trained vaccinators, but up to 3000 more are needed. Source: 1 NEWS

The Ministry of Health wants an extra 3000 vaccinators, but the NZ Nurses Organisation says that will be a challenge.

Former nurse Tricia Russell is one of those dusting off their badge.

“New Zealand needs people with the skills and ability to do it, I mean it's going to be a big job,” she told 1 NEWS.

“The more of us doing it the quicker we get through, the sooner people here are safe.”

We have around 12,000 trained vaccinators but the Ministry of Health needs thousands more to help deliver the jabs when they start arriving at the end of March.

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The Director-General of Health says vaccinations should begin by March. Source: Breakfast

“We have trained pharmacists and we have our nurses and GPs and other doctors, but we are looking to supplement that with this additional workforce, particularly for some of those big events,” Dr Ashley Bloomfield says.

Health students in their final years of study and paramedics will also be able to apply to help the roll-out.

But still there's concern from the Nurses Organisation that other services may be left short staffed.

“If we were to do it tomorrow, we'd have significant deficits in staff to be able to do it,” Kate Weston of the NZ Nurses Organisation says.

“They have had to be taken from other areas like DHBs, aged care and primary care.”