'I find myself signing off my emails in Te Reo' - Irish student an unexpected Maori Language Week advocate

An Irish woman has found herself as an advocate for Maori Language Week, emulating the week's catchphrase, "give it a go".

Aoife Finn was so inspired by NZ's native tongue, she's been studying and learning how to speak it for six years. Source: 1 NEWS

Irish student Aoife Finn studies the Maori language and has been brought to New Zealand to celebrate the language.

She says her love for the Maori language and culture was kick-started by a chance encounter when she picked up a book on Maori grammar in her university library, nearly six years ago.

Now she is using it as often as she can.

"I find myself signing off my emails in Te Reo, 'Nga Mihi' and 'Kia Ora' just through habit." 

She is being praised for her commitment.

Aoife Finn is in NZ for the first time, and loving the chance to improve her te reo Maori. Source: Breakfast

"I think she sets a really good example for someone who is giving it a go," says Te Wananga o Aotearoa's Paraone Gloyne.

With less than four per cent of New Zealanders able to speak Te Reo Maori, Ms Finn is encouraging more people to take up the challenge and learn.