Fijian mosque attack widow asks Prime Minister to help find 'Heather from Papanui', who showed kindness in wake of March 15 atrocity

The Prime Minister has put the call out for "Heather from Papanui" after a request by the wife of a prominent Fijian Imam who died in the Christchurch terrorist attack. 

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Jacinda Ardern spoke to Mrs Patel in Fiji, who asked her to help find Heather who helped her after the attack that killed her husband. Source: 1 NEWS

Imam Patel was one of 51 people who died in the March 15 mosque attacks. 

Jacinda Ardern today met with the families of Imam Hafiz Musa Patel, Ashraf Ali Razat and Ashraf Ali in Fiji, and made a speech at the Lautoka Mosque today.

Ms Ardern recounted meeting Imam Patel's wife, Saira Bibi Patel, after the attack. 

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Emotions at the memorial service in Lautoka, Fiji were still raw. Source: 1 NEWS

"I still remember talking with you that day as you desperately looked for your husband, your Imam, I remember talking with you as you retraced your steps and feeling pained as I handed you over to a member of the Red Cross to continue to support you and to assist you," she said.

"In your darkest of hours I can tell you that I will never forget that grief I saw that day."

After the speech, Ms Ardern told media about their meeting today. 

Mrs Patel told Ms Ardern about a 'Heather from Papanui', who drove her around Christchurch in search of her husband. 

"I said that, being New Zealand, and the community we are, I’m sure we can find her and pass on her deep gratitude," Ms Ardern said. 

"To Heather from Papanui, thank you for embodying the New Zealand spirit of generosity and kindness in the moments after that attack and I hope we can reunite you with Mrs Patal."

Ms Adern met with family members of the other Fijian victims, as a plaque was unveiled to remember them.