Figures reveal just 10% of people prosecuted for breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules

Exclusive figures released to 1 NEWS reveal that just 10 percent of the over 6000 people caught breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules were prosecuted by New Zealand Police.

Source: 1 NEWS

New Zealand was under Alert Level 4 from 25 March to 27 April 2020, which meant Kiwis faced a range of restrictions including staying at home other than for essential travel.

Police have confirmed that as of March this year, 6412 people have been caught breaking Covid-19 lockdown.

“This total is comprised of prosecutions, warnings, or youth referrals,” a police spokesperson said.

One of those rulebreakers was then Health Minister David Clark, who breached lockdown regulations for a recreational mountain bike ride.

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Of those caught breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules, just 10.7 per cent were prosecuted.

Each of the offences were recorded under six categories.

“A Health Act breach, assaults/threatens/hinders/obstructs enforcement officer, failure to comply with direction/prohibition/restriction, failing to stop (Covid-19 related), failing to comply with order (Covid-19 related), and a Civil Defence Emergency Act breach,” a police spokesperson told 1 NEWS.

Since MIQ facilities were established in New Zealand, 14 people have been caught escaping or attempting to escape.

Only 11 people were charged or fined for escaping or attempting to escape.

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“The cases where charges or fines have not been given is due to each decision being made on a case by case basis to allow for, in each case, any significant circumstances, for example, the age of a person at the time of attempted escape or escape,” Superintendent Barry Taylor said.

The region with the highest number of Covid-19 related offences is Auckland.

In March, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said provisions existed to punish people who do not follow Covid-19 guidelines, but it was not up to politicians to determine enforcement.