Fight to keep Dunedin's Cadbury factory goes global

The fight to keep Dunedin's Cadbury factory has gone global, with an international petition reaching over 4,000 signatures, demanding that its doors stay open. 

It was announced on February 16 that the factory's owner, Mondelez International, briefed its employees on a proposal to end manufacturing operations next year, with production to move to Australia.

Cadbury says two thirds of its chocolate products are sent to Australia - and shipping is just too expensive.

Three hundred and sixty jobs will be lost due to the closure.

After 80 years in operation manufacturing is set to move to Australia. Source: 1 NEWS

The petition by the International Food Union, has received 4,085 signatures and includes a letter of protest to Mondelez International's CEO, Irene Rosenfeld, which describes how the community will be affected by the closure. 

"I am deeply disturbed by this news and by the endless restructuring at Mondelez which has destroyed the livelihoods of thousands of workers with long years of service at Mondelez and its predecessor companies, service which built the company's brands and profits," the letter reads. 

Closer to home, a New Zealand based petition has reached more than 8,300 signatures, which has been circulating since last Friday. 

Titled 'Keep Cadbury in Dunedin', the description details how "for Mondelez this is about profit."

For more than 80 years, the Dunedin factory has produced Cadbury products for consumers in New Zealand and Australia.

Cadbury's Dunedin factory processes more than 30 tonnes of liquid chocolate a day and employs just under 300 fulltime staff and around 100 seasonal workers.

Around 360 jobs are set to go at the end of the year as it's too far from Australia, where most of its products are sent. Source: 1 NEWS

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