'I felt a little bit sad' - Kiwi-Iraqi on failure to acknowledge horrific Baghdad attack

A young Kiwi-Iraqi woman who pushed for public acknowledgment for the latest horrific bomb attack in her homeland says she isn't offended by the lack of recognition, just "a little bit sad".

Rania Alani called on Sky City to light up for Iraq in the same way it had for Orlando and Turkey. Source: Seven Sharp

A public appeal by Rania Alani for Sky City to light up its tower with the colours of the Iraqi flag was answered this evening, but only after she went public with her concerns that people weren't taking the attack that killed at least 250 people as seriously as other atrocities.

She told Seven Sharp that there was inconsistency with how people approached disasters in different parts of the world.

"I found no-one needed to message or push Sky City management to put up Brussels' flag or Paris or Orlando," she said.

"We all grieved for them, rightly, but what happened with Iraq became so normal that these sort of incidents happened that no-one grieved and no-one really cared.

"A lot of Kiwis didn't know what happened.

"It doesn't offend me, I felt a little bit sad."

Iraq was such a diverse country that the ISIS attack on a popular mall at the weekend affected all people.

Rania Alani questioned why such a fuss was made after the Orlando massacre, but not after Iraq’s deadliest ever bombing. Source: 1 NEWS

"It hurts every single person, doesn't matter their religion and it doesn't matter where in Iraq they are from."

She said lighting up the Sky Tower was not the main issue - it was people acknowledging the hurt that was being felt after such a traumatic event.

"It has nothing to do with the lights, it's about raising awareness, it's about compassion wherever you are in the world," Alani said.

"We become desensitised to these things, it's very sad, it needs to change."