Feisty 90-year-old author tussles with security company in year-long alarm saga

In today's oh-so-wired world, it's hard to avoid the march of progress.

But new technology has left a very feisty 90-year-old feeling vulnerable.

Myra Larcombe has had a big week – she's just turned 90, has taken issue with a big home security company, and debuted as a consumer champion on Fair Go.

She'd been having an issue with her home alarm, installed by ADT Security about a year ago, to update her old alarm.

Myra found the alarm was way more complicated than her previous one, and she said no one at ADT seemed to be able to explain it to her.

Then, she started having problems with her computer – "going unresponsive" as Myra puts it.

She's writing a book, so getting on the web is crucial.

Myra discovered that during the alarm installation, the jack box, or junction box, had been damaged, and taped back together, which seemed to be stopping her computer functioning smoothly.

Finally, she discovered that her downstairs telephone had been completely cut off by the installer.

For a year, she's tried to get it sorted, but just this week after Fair Go contacted the company, ADT staff visited Myra and fixed everything.

ADT say the work was done by a third party contractor, and that they understood the problems had been put right.

They say they had already waived any outstanding charges to Myra for the alarm before Fair Go got involved, and have now refunded around $500 that she'd already paid.

ADT Security say Myra did agree to having the new alarm installed, but they've taken her difficulties on board, and will develop a more user friendly guide for the alarm.

It took more than a year for Myra Larcombe's alarm issues to get sorted by ADT. Source: Fair Go