'Feel like I'm a walking bomb' - Woman with coronavirus calls for more testing in order to be cleared of Covid-19

A Wellington writer currently in isolation after contracting Covid-19 is calling for further testing, saying people clearing themselves over the phone is “a bit risky”.

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There was more cautious optimism from the Prime Minister today, as the country sees its lowest number of new cases in a fortnight. Source: 1 NEWS

Joan Taylor told 1 NEWS she feels like a “walking bomb” after contracting coronavirus.

“You feel like a horrible public health hazard,” Ms Taylor said. “I feel terrible. I feel like I’m a walking bomb.”

Ms Taylor is questioning why people infected with the respiratory illness can clear themselves by simply stating they are symptom-free over the phone.

“I just sort of feel me telling a public health nurse that I’m good without seeing anybody, without any doctor checking my chest, looking down my throat, is a bit risky,” she said.

“In an ideal world, we should all have another test.”

There are now 1160 cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand after an additional 54 new cases were announced today. Of those cases, 32 have been confirmed and 22 are probable.

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An update was provided by the Director-General of Health. Source: 1 NEWS

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New Zealand's Covid-19 cases increase by 54, with four people in intensive care

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