Fed-up resident uses camera to catch boy-racer

Fed up with noisy boy-racers speeding up his road, a Waikato resident installed a camera to catch them in the act.

Now, to the delight of police and no-doubt the amateur sleuth, one of the drivers has a date in court.

The resident of a rural road west of Whatawhata was fed up with the constant loud noise from illegal street racers, so installed a camera outside his property.

"When two people in a convertible sports car began doing 360s on the road outside his home the camera was able to capture high resolution footage which the man was able to then provide to responding Police," Sergeant Geoff Blow of the Hamilton Strategic Traffic Unit said.

The footage allowed police to identify the car and its driver, a 29-year-old man who has now been summoned to the Hamilton District Court on a sustained loss of traction charge.

"Police would like to commend this member of the public who went the extra mile in applying a solution to an issue without placing himself at any risk by confronting the offender," Sergeant Blow said.

"Innovations of this type are worthy of high praise because they enable those involved in anti-social behaviour to be held to account by Police for their actions."

Close up of camera Source: 1 NEWS

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